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Water Proof Isolation Gowns

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Light weight. Waterproof.

Comfortable Fit.

N Medical Water Proof Isolation Gowns are constructed using state of the art materials and technology. Suitable for isolation and basic protection from bacteria and particulate.


PP+PE fabrics 30 gsm


ANSI/AAMI PB70 Level 1

High density machine stitched seams

Latex free

White knitted elastic cuff

Velcro neckline, extra long ties

Class one flammability rating

Manufacturing Features

The gowns are manufactured from polypropylene material and coated in polyethylene (PP+PE). As a result, these gowns offer enhanced fluid resistance and protection. The seams joined together with high density machine stitching. 

Design Features

The gowns are designed with generous size and length, for extra comfort and protection. The neckline features a velcro-style closure that easily adjust to suit different neck sizes to prevent gapping in the front of the gown, giving extra protection against fluids.


AAMI PB70:2012 Standard, AATCC 42, AATCC 127, CE, ISO13485, FDA

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