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Alpha Plus Sterile Lubricating Jelly 82g

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Non-greasy. Latex Free. Sterile.

N Medical Alpha Plus Lubricating JellyTM is a sterile, safe, and effective water-soluble universal lubricant.The professional lubricant is suitable for a wide range of applications including insertion of tampons, enemas and douches, and rectal thermometers.

The lubricant is also routinely used in general hospital procedures. It can be used for catheters, enemas and douches, gynaecological examination, digital and instrument examinations and general hospital procedure.

This is not contraceptive. Sterile until open. Sterilised by Gamma Irradiation. Recommended use within 30 days of opening.

Product Details

  • Product name: Alpha Plus Sterile Lubricating Jelly

  • Brand: N Medical

  • Product code: NM-LJ82

  • Size: 82g/tube

  • Sterility: Gamma Irradiation

  • Ingredients: Glycerine PEG, 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid esters, Sodium Hydroxide, Purified water

Product Order Information

Product name:

Alpha Plus Sterile Lubricating Jelly 82g

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About N Medical

N Medical is an international healthcare wholesale supplier that aims to deliver the best medical products and services to every end user in the world. The company is currently managed by a team with over 80 years of experience in the healthcare industry, engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and marketing of top quality medical supplies, medical device, and medical equipment. Our products are currently being used by various end-users in public and private sectors. Since the brand's inception in 2015, we have already been established to become one of the leading medical supplies companies in Asia with presence in Melbourne Australia, Hong Kong and Macau China.

Notably, N Medical became one of the primary suppliers for medical products in Hong Kong and Macau, supplying to all the public and private hospitals, government entities, and clinics. During COVID-19, we supported the local governments in their efforts to combat the virus with various personal protective equipment (PPE) and facilitated local vaccination programs to over 8 million end users with various medical products.

N Medical currently produces over 100 types of products, including personal protective equipment, surgical consumables products, wound treatment products, gauze and swabs, bandages, tapes, dressing, dental supplies, sterilisation and disposable products, surgical apparel, first aid kit components, alcohol pad and wipes, medical gloves, gowns, face masks, adhesives and sealants for wound dressing, and cream and ointment.

N Medical was founded in 2015 with the goal of developing the finest medical supplies and equipment that can meet multiple international standards and medical needs. The company was started by a team from one of the most well established medical supplies, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical supplies distributor with over 80 years of experience. The team had years of experience working with the largest and most established pharmaceutical companies and medical supplies brands from USA, UK, Australia, and EU. The team has deep professional knowledge of developing medical products, including manufacturing, quality control, international certification, and tender documentation for the end users in the medical field.

Currently, our team maintains control over the manufacturing of products, ensuring all products comply with stringent quality standards. We are devoted to sourcing the highest quality raw material with the best manufacturing processes. Our multinational manufacturing capabilities and strict quality control measures ensure our products maintain consistent quality.

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