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Water Barrier Surgical Drape, Sterile

Waterproof. Absorbent. Sterile.

N Medical Water Barrier Surgical Drapes are Surgical Drapes are designed to establish and maintain a sterile field. The soft and pliable surgical drapes effectively control and contain fluid. The design not only reduces potential exposure to infectious body fluids, but also keeps the patient dry. The material provides extra strength such that it can withstand long procedures, and even withstand the weight of heavy surgical equipment. Product is manufactured to meet hospital standards and meets international medical quality standards.

Product Details

  • Product name: Multi-layer Water Barrier Drape

  • Brand: N Medical

  • Product code: NM-DS04507530

  • Size: 45 cm x 90 cm

  • Sterility: EO

  • Material: Poly-lined with 1 plastic layer between 2 cellulose tissue layers

  • Medical Certifications: EU CE, ISO 13485 (Medical Device), Certificate of Analysis, (For sterile products only - ISO 11135 or 11137 (Sterilisation), Certification of Sterilisation)

We serve international markets including North America, UK, Australiasia, Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Europe.

Product Order Information

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Water Barrier Surgical Drape, Sterile

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Products are available for custom design and manufacturing. Minimum Order Quantity may apply.

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About N Medical

N Medical (N Med) is dedicated to improving the well being of patients around the world through innovative medical products.

We offer a wide range of medical device products in the areas of first aid wound care, surgical supplies, vascular access, anesthesia airway management, urology, home care, and personal protective equipment.

We are actively engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of top quality medical products that fits the needs of professionals in the public and private sectors. The products meet stringent international hospital medical standards such as US FDA, UK MHRA, EU ISO 13485, ISO 9001, Australia TGA, and more.

We emphasize on the quality of our products and care for the specific needs of the end users. Since inception in 2015, N Med has already become one of the major suppliers to various public and private hospitals, government entities, and clinics.

The founding team at N Medical had decades of experience working with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies and healthcare brands globally, including USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, and Europe. With deep professional knowledge of developing medical products, including manufacturing, quality control, and international certification.


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